Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Simple Tips To Staying Anabolic While Training...

1) Bring a Protein Shake (10-15 grams Whey Isolate mixed in water) with 1 tsp. of Glutamine in it to sip on during your workout...You may also add 1/2-1tsp Creatine Monohydrate to this...

2) Consume BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) during your workout (mix in water, sip during training), if you do not have these you may have option 1 instead...

3) Try to keep your weight training workouts under ONE HOUR to prevent your body from raising its cortisol levels (a stress hormone that causes catabolism- 'muscle breakdown' as well as weight gain around the midsection!!)

4) Focus on COMPOUND moves that target multiple muscle groups/core rather than wasting time doing a series of isolation exercises that take up more time, that way you can finish training your major muscle group of the day and do cardio if necessary in a shorter time frame.

5) Opt. for LOW INTENSITY cardio versus strenuous, muscle-destroying high intensity long duration cardio. If you're going to do H.I.I.T cardio that's fine, but try doing this on a separate day (20-30min max), and do low intensity fat-burn cardio post-weights (30-45min brisk walking at a comfortable pace) instead as your body tends to use fat for fuel when doing this type of cardio.

As I always say, "pre", "during" and "post-workout" nutrition are KEY to staying ANABOLIC and keeping your body in fat-burn mode!! Focus on having 5-8 small meals consisting of complex fibrous carbs such as green veggies paired with essential fats (nuts/seeds/oils etc...) and proteins from natural sources. Supplementing with a quality Whey Protein Isolate for convenience is also fine (whey proteins contain amino acids that are not found in natural food sources) By combining carbs  and proteins alone you are spiking insulin levels and causing the glycemic index of the meal to go up. Add healthy fats to meals that contain carbs/proteins to slow down your body's insulin response. The best time to consume carbs is around training times where muscle glycogen stores are likely to be depleted versus at a time when your activity levels are low and these carbs may be stored as fat.

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Happy Training!


Alex L.:)


  1. Wow Alex! This is was awesome, lots of helpful tips and tricks. I'm deffinately going to be checking out this blog alot :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. Always stay anabolic while working out. Take necessary supplements to support your health while dieting.